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On April 24, 2013 the Rana Plaza building collapsed outside Dhaka . The collapse of the building, where a lot of cloth was made for major international brands, left a ...

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“El poder de las sonrisas” describes how an individual dream can become a reality shared by others, like a strong, professional ...

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Enrique Guzman, a young lawyer from Madrid, is sent to Manila to prepare a report on + info

This book is the graphic adaptation of Jaume Sanllorente's bestseller Bombay Smiles. + info

This book contains several images, in black and white, by photographer Francesc Melcion and its explanaitions by  Jaume Sanllorente. The images - telling the + info

In 2003, Jaume Sanllorente was a young journalist leading an active and exciting life in Barcelona—no more idealistic than any other young professional. Then a travel agent convinced him to ...

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